Thursday, October 13, 2011

Redneck Wineglasses

I have been gone awhile I know, but I have been lurking and following a lot of new wonderful & inspiring blogs. I have been at my new job at the hospital for almost 6 months now and I am LOVING it!!! I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for blessing me with my job.

But-onto my post-
I was in a new home decor store the other day and I saw these redneck wine glasses for $17.95~

They were listed online here:

for $14.99 & $5.99 S/H

Seriously?!?!?!? I think not- now that I have seen the AMAZING things some of my blogging friends can do-I mean, it's just a Mason jar glued to a dollar tree glass candlestick right?

Well, I don't drink, but my mom does and I think these would be hilarious to give her as a gag gift, but I am not gonna spend that kind of money on them. I couldn't find this magic E6000 glue that everyone in the rest of the blogging universe has access to, so I got what I thought would work- glass glue- but it didn't stay together. I was very discouraged because I had been so excited about making them.

So, I got to wondering and thinking... And I was certain someone else, more clever than me must have done this I typed "redneck wine glasses" in my search bar and VOILA! I found that a creative blogger had a great tutorial to make them. I hope it's okay that I leave her link here- I am sure many of you know her. I am her newest fan & follower. The tutorial is here at:

My Lowe's also had the same epoxy that she used. Glad to know I am not the only person who can't find the elusive E6000 super adhesive stuff. And VERY glad to know something else works. I also wonder now, if the glass glue would work if I had sanded them first. Oh well, I have another project to try this stuff on.

I got the mason jars from goodwill here for only .35 cents a piece. Since I don't can & I only have my mom to give them to, I didn't want to buy a whole case, y'know. I also have 2 different brands but I figured that's okay cuz what true redneck would have MATCHING wine glasses anyhow right?

This was a fun & easy project too. Thanks again to "crafting with K" for the tutorial. Now that I have a set schedule, I hope to post regularly again. I have been hoarding supplies and I will start actually DOING projects again now.

Oh- I almost forgot to post pics of my own redneck wine glasses~

So I only spent about $1.75 for my Redneck Wine Glasses. The glass glue can be used for so many other things. I think that's a pretty great deal, don't you? Oh, and I tried the glass glue again after sanding and it worked. I didn't have lids for mine since I bought them used and so to hold the jar tight against the candlestick, I filled it with water to weight it down till it bonded which was only about 1 minute. I DID wash them in the dishwasher first- on the SANITIZE setting- since, as My hubs pointed out, my mom really IS s smidgen redneck, and may actually drink out of them.

I am linking to this party at The Thrifty groove:

The Thrifty Groove

Y'all have a blessed day!!!


  1. that's too funny; my sister would love something like that, she's a true redneck. My husband was just in S.Carolina this week, visiting his mother, Mrs Essie Mae Williams. He and his brother went to the Strom Thurmond Family reunion. They are flying in tonight, we live in the North West, I am a Nurse Practitoner and Nursing is an awesome job! love your blog, I love to do crafts, paint, scrapbook, sew, garden etc, when I find time. Can't wait for the Holidays, hope you have alot of ideas..

  2. Funny! Yeah, I can't see myself using them (well, and I don't drink anyway...) but you never know who might think they're just the perfect thing!! :) By the way, when I made the candy dishes that I blogged about a few days ago, I used glass jars and candlesticks and stuck them together with glue from a glue gun...worked great!

    Hope In Every Season

  3. These are just too fun! I love it! I just might have to make some for Christmas gifts! Thank you for sharing with us at TTF and have a great weekend!

  4. So cute! I'm just red neck enough to use them. LOL

  5. SUPER. Now that's a copy cat chic for cheap :) I am not sure whether I would drink in them but this definitely beats 17.95 to a pulp and I would love me some lemonade in them actually.

  6. i saw them at