Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Medicine Cap Name Badge Flowers

If you are a nurse, you definitiely know what THESE are:

and if you aren't a nurse, well, THIS is what they are:

~ the caps/tops off of the medicines that we give to our patients.

When I started working at the hospital I noticed the nurses were saving these caps & I asked why & my preceptor (trainer) told me the pharmacy used them to make flowers for the name badges. I didn't see any for a while but when I did they were so cute and I thought it was a great & creative way to turn trash to treasure. I am not sure how many other people know about it or do this at their own hospitals but I've met several other nurses who have never seen them so I figured I'd share them here and on Pinterest.

They are super easy to make. You just use glue- either hot glue or super glue for permanency- & attach them to your badge clip.

At my hospital, we use these round ones that have a string to pull down from the circle but I have seen some folks just glue them to the silver clippie part of their badge. I bought this pack of 6 from Walmart in the office supply section for about $2 or so:

You arrange them however you like with whatever colors you want.A lot of folks try to get school or college colors, I noticed. This is how they look like this from the horizontal view:

So here's a pic of a finished one where she also placed a small heart sticker on it:

And I also wanted to show you this one becuase one of our transport gal's grand child made it- she went a little heavy on the glue but she's 4 years old- look at that pattern. She said it is really fun for her grand kids and teaches them dexterity- I didn't even think of THAT. Also, she said she lets the kids use school glue for safety reasons but it does take longer to dry and they fall off sooner.

If you wanted to, even if you aren't a nurse- you could probably get the hospital to save them for you if all they are doing is throwing them away- and you could just pick them up a certain day each month or when ever. We have been giving small craft size plastic bags our meds come in to someone for her jewelry and the IV tourniquet bands they tie around your arm to start an IV- we save those for a man who makes them into slingshots... of course we can only give the clean things away, just in case you're wondering. Nothing that has been in an isolation room or anything. And we wipe everything off with our hospital grade sani wipes too, before letting someone have them.

Thanks for looking & be blessed,


  1. oh my word! My friend works at a hospital in Detroit (i think?!) and she makes these and sells them to all the nurses!!! They're so cute!! She even gave me a bunch of caps, I have yet to do something with them!

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  3. cute idea!! Great recycling

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