Thursday, September 9, 2010

My candles...

The pics are not very good but you get the jist. I just wrapped a wide brown ribbon and put the individual 4 flowers together. The flocked brad in the center was grey & I had to airbrush with a copic marker to turn it brown. I discovered you can't just color the marker on the flocking cuz the pen solvent screws up your flocking on the brad so Evelyn at Scrapnesia- showed me how to fix it! She is a crafting genius!!!  I put these in my girls' bathroom. they want to decorate it brown & blue so I thought these would look good. I took 2 pics cuz one is too dark & the other too bright.

I have found so many wonderful blogs I am inspired by that I will be doing lots of projects! I am really excited to have such great folks to borrow ideas from.

Okay, my husband just asked why I had "one crooked" ... I had to explain that I turned it to show the ribbon. Men! =)


  1. I hope you fill your blog with LOTS of prejects. :) {can't wait to copy them} Hehehe!

    Thanks for posting on my little glass or wood issue....I definitely se myself leaning towards the glass.


  2. i second Megan who wants to copy! so excited to have found your blog today! can't wait to see what else you can share on your blog!