Thursday, September 23, 2010

SO inspired

I have been adding blogs to follow like crazy. I am just so excited and inspired by all the creativity and talent I am finding here in blogland. Maybe someone can answer a question for me though (I know I don't have any followers but I saw where I've had some views so, you viewers are the ones I am asking)  but WTHeck is a "Linky"?

Anyway, I have some things I am going to work on and some ideas I will be using and I will post them. I wish now, that I had taken before & after pics of some of the furniture I have redone and some of my own GW finds that I thought were really cool. Oh well, now I know.

The other day I bought my first Mod Podge! My husband didn't seem too keen on the idea I have for a table that was a freebie a few years ago. I love the idea of painting it and decoupaging some scrapbook paper to the drawer. But he's never been one to "imagine the possibilities". I also have an old china cabinet & hutch that I intend to repair and fix up. I really believe that with a little TLC and paint- it could be very charming!

I am just so grateful to all the bloggers who have posted pics and tutorials so that a creative nitwit like me can be inspired and think, "Hey, maybe I can do that!"


  1. Hi! you one follower! Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    I am sort of new, too, but what I have learned,I can tell you: A linky is, when some blogger hosts a "party", like, for instance, go to the end of each of my posts, and you will see I say I am joining these parties...with links that you can click on that will take you there.
    It is a good idea to try and join these, and also to visit other party goers and comment on their stuff.
    How you link up, is go to the blog who hosts the party, like for instance clicking on one of the parties at the end of my posts. Then, at the end of all the thumnails of everyone who joined, there will be a prompt that says, "You are next", or "linky closed" If it is closed, go to her homepage and look for a current one, click on "you are next. A place will come up that asks you your URL. Go to the specific post you want to enter, copy and paste the address in the top bar of your computer screen, and paste it in the box that asks for your URL.Then, give your project a name, follow the prompts to add a picture, and enter. Now you are featured. Now you have to go back to your post, go into "edit post", go to the bottom, or end of your post, and say something like:"I am linking to.." and then copy and p[aste the button for the party on the host's page , onto yours. It will ask for permission , you say yes, press "publish", and the button will appear. You have just joined your first party...
    Good luck!

  2. Hi! Thanks for the sweet comment on my beanbags! I was just going to answer your question about linky parties but I see that Suzanne got it covered.
    Don't be intimidated to put your ideas out there and to link them up to parties. That is how you will find other great blogs to follow and it is how other bloggers will discover you:)
    I am your newest follower...I look forward to seeing what you have to share!!!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Oooops! I meant thank you for the comment on my tealights:) It's been a rough morning. Ha! I think that using votives would be adorable or you could get bigger round candle holders from the dollar store and still use a tealight to give it the eery flicker. Just a thought:)

  4. I LOVE ModPodge. I just picked up the kind meant for outdoor use, mostly because it's waterproof. Make sure you blog about your table when it's finished so you can inspire the rest of us!

  5. Welcome to blogland! I'm sort of new too and have been having great fun with it. I also love all the great ideas from the wonderfully creative people out there and have a projects list that is growing daily. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment on my fall decor. I'm now following you too! Can't wait to see your ModPodged table. Definitely join the linky parties, it will bring lots of bloggers and readers to your blog. Good luck!!