Thursday, October 7, 2010

Linky...& stray puppy visitors

I am trying to link to a "Thrifty Thursday" Party @ I don't know how to grab buttons or anything else. I am still learning. & thanks for all y'alls' help in trying to figure it out. But I think I am supposed to attach this somehow to the end of one of my posts but...I am a goober! So I just made a post about it by itself so I can give linky love to this AWESOMELY creative gal at Bloggeritaville- don'tcha just love that blog name???   =0)

Anyway, I am off to lunch with Hubby (his day off) and then hopefully when I get back I will finish at least ONE of my modpodge projects. I was gonna do it this morning but God sent a couple of puppies and their hungry & thirsty mama into my garage and , well, I just HAD to play with them. And feed & water mama doggie, of course. Gosh I wish I had money & land to take all the stray & neglected animals in. Then also, the thought of playful puppies hanging around is bringing my college age daughter, Kimi, & her beau Zach over to visit.

Be blessed,

Thought I'd post pics of my visitors since they are so cute~

Stray puppies...and stray daughter...    =0)


  1. Omg, puppies! So darn cute.
    Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment :)

    Grabbing a button isn't too hard. Just copy the code under the button. When you make you post switch over to the html tab and you can paste in your post there. Switch back to the compose tab and you should see it there.

  2. Awww... look at those little ones!! So adorable. I want one!! :-) So glad I stopped by today.

    Oh, and did you stop by LOCATION CENTRAL yet and input your city info? It's the blog where you can see who else blogs in your area.

  3. I have been blogging going on 2 years and still don't know what I am doing. :D Cute puppies.
    Enjoy your weekend

  4. What a cute thing God put in your garage!
    This happens often here and we do have space to keep them all ...but...still :) they can't all have vet care, etc.
    Your daughter is a beauty.